Whyfore Is This, Philbert?

Just what you needed, another blog. I guess I have a million of ’em. This time it’s only because I couldn’t change the URL of Hitler’s Titties and I simply didn’t want to use the name or layout of HitTit any longer. Besides, I believe in challenging you, the blog reader, whenever possible. How else are we gonna expand those little gray cells?

Also, I want to be a little more organized with what I post. What you will see on PHILBERTOSOPHY will be samples of an up-and-coming artform, the Web Comic. I plan on using you poor saps as guinea pigs for some crude renderings with inane talk balloons. Eventually, these ‘toons will reside on a site that (hopefully) generates revenue for your humble ‘toon-maker, moi.

I’d also like to continue the saga of Hortense Liverspott and the gang at The Vomiting Hound as a little blog novella we’ll call a “Blognella.” Now, as far as I know “Blognella” is a term you’ve heard here first. Remember that if I ever have to call you into court as witnesses. (By the way, I appreciate your help with the whole “indencency” thing, freedom isn’t free you know, it’ll cost you legal fees.)

Hopefully, you’ll bookmark this new blog (I swear the website is coming, too) and we can all get on with our lives. I apologize for any inconvenience.


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2 Comments on “Whyfore Is This, Philbert?”

  1. Erin Says:

    OK — I’ve taken my seat in the latest round of Philbert’s Musical Chair Blog.
    Bookmarked and noted — and if you decide to take off again, you KNOW we’ll find you.

  2. ThomG Says:

    Jebus, man. bookmark scratched out and redone.

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