Another Rejected Cartoon (I’m Battin’ 1.000 This Week!)

OK, I understand why they didn’t want to print this one. I didn’t want to write it. A demon took me by the hand and scrawled out the offending ‘toon while I was watching “Family Guy.” You can tell because the demon draws way better than I do. But, in case you were wondering why I don’t have a cartoon in this week’s D.A.T.E., well…it should be obvious now.

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2 Comments on “Another Rejected Cartoon (I’m Battin’ 1.000 This Week!)”

  1. Budd Hodges Says:

    Phil…This should have been in The D.A.T.E. Damn the editors. I think it’s funny.
    No since of humor. Their humor is dryer than a gol durn post.

  2. mark weber Says:

    Hello Phil Fountain, brother of the Okie blood!
    I was just in Cucamonga two weeks ago! Driving through.
    Hey, I’ve always wanted to be a cartoonist. I’ve dabbled in it
    enough to know how hard it is. I’ve found it’s similar to writing
    poetry, in that, you have to dwell in that place constantly, waiting
    for ideas. Still, I might get serious and do some, someday.
    I like yours very much.
    Where to you live these days?
    …………….mark weber

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