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Can I Get A Witness???

June 28, 2008


I Guess There’s A New Blogger In Town

June 28, 2008

You know, I had heard rumors about this guy and he looks familiar but I don’t know him. I guess he’s been a fixture in the community for nearly 20 years and is best known as a former child actor. Anyway, I was looking through search results for Redding and came across his, apparently brand new, blog. I like to keep tabs on the local bloggers, maybe you do too. Here’s a link…


Let Us Gather, Gather At The Midriff & Twist

June 27, 2008

My fellow Blogstonians, today as we gather here on the banks of the Big Soggy and prepare to slaughter the big pink thing — the fatted hog — under the Big Cheese’s smokey sky, let us remember why we are here. And, as we slather the big pink thing’s flanks with sauce and pile it high on our buns let us bow our heads in grateful gratitude and spread the bread of the lard. For it is the flesh of the pig we are filled, filled with pork flesh and we hunger no more — but thirst is still a problem.

And, loved ones, why are we here? Have we forgotten our purpose? Our reason for being? I know I have —  and I’m willing to bet you have too. But, we can look to the sky and ask again, and again we shall be confused. Like babes in the woods we will bathe, topless, in the river. And like babes at the beach we’ll play volleyball and leap about and suffer the granules of the sands of time as they irritate our bodily cracks. (more…)

Waiting For My Oatmeal To Cool

June 24, 2008

My oatmeal is too hot. While I wait for it to cool down I thought I’d post to the ol’ blogaroo. I’d don’t really have anything to say, which should be obvious since I’ve chosen cooling oatmeal as today’s topic. Actually, some of my best posts have been when I have absolutely nothing of import to say. I think that says a great deal about the overall quality of “Philbertosophy”.

(Pause while oatmeal is tested.)

(OK, it’s just right, hold on, I’ll be right back… I really love my oatmeal.)


What’s Gonna Happen To All His Stuff?

June 23, 2008

Social Onion…

June 21, 2008

“You can always find me in the kitchen at parties.” -Jona Lewie, Stiff Records recording artist

I am a social onion. I am not comfortable in situations that dictate appropriate behavior is expected. My personal interaction skills are weak. If it were not for alcohol, I would never attend any of these crucibles normal folk call “parties,” or worse, “get togethers.” Thank Bacchus for the demon rum.


Thom G’s Favorite Joke…

June 20, 2008

A little going away present for Thom G. He’s had this joke at his desk for eons. I re-drew it. So long, Big Guy!