OK, It’s Official, I’m Offensive…

©2008 Phil Fountain

Seems a local incident involving a Redding downtown bar having its’ liquor license suspended for 10 days because their bartender was drunk on his you-know-what, is a taboo subject. Thank goodness for this blog or I wouldn’t be gettin’ dooley-poo published lately! You can see the offending cartoon right here.


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2 Comments on “OK, It’s Official, I’m Offensive…”

  1. Dr. Adam Baum Says:

    Hey! That’s not an aged Fanny Flanders there in the middle, is it?

    Nice cartoon, P.bert. If the RS had any sense, they’d run it. So, it’s offensive to drunkards. And the problem with that is…. ?

  2. I guess drunkards can sue you. Besides, I think it’s against R-S policy to discuss “personnel issues,” and the bartender is a “personnel”. Not of the paper’s (I don’t think) but we don’t want to pick on anybody. To publicly ridicule is NOT a cartoonist’s job… wait… is it? No, can’t be. Oh well, I gave them a nice, non-offensive one with bunny rabbits and stuff. It’s all good.

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