Do I detect an “attitude”?

Greetings Blogaroos! Good morning (or whatever is applicable in your time zone, which may differ from mine, for which case I apologize. I don’t want to hassle anyone but maybe it would be better if you would move into the PST zone for ease of informal greeting. Or, maybe next time I’ll just say “hi.”)

Say, I need to get your opinion on something. Have you noticed a change in my “attitude” lately? Have I been snarky? Irritable? Have I had a runny nose? Difficulty urinating or urinating often? What’s wrong with me?

In glancing over my recent posts, I notice the word “rejection” keeps coming up. I don’t want to give the wrong impression (this is my Jay Leno, by the way) about my state of mind. Sure, I’ve been getting more rejections the past few weeks than I’ve experienced since high school. Or college. But, that’s a part of life. Like the shingles. Rejection seems to have become a huge part of my life, but a part of life it remains. I can hang with it. I think.

This where I need your feedback. You people know me better than anyone. Feel free to be honest here, there will be no reprisals. Am I a Crankypants? Have I developed an “Attitude”? Am I taking unwarranted potshots at authority figures, bosses and/or certain types of street performers? Am I becoming grouchy? Have I started to spew venomous vile at those less fortunate than myself? Have I turned into a less-manly Alana Burke?

I don’t see it myself. But, I guess that’s the way it works. It’s those who come in contact with me that suffer. Although I highly doubt that to be the case since I’ve been told more than once that I’m “insufferable.” So, it must be the rest of you with the problem.

I look to you, Blogophiles, to chime in with your comments on how I might improve myself so that this blog can return to being, once more, your “happy place in cyberspace™”

I live to serve.

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