Not to brag or anything, but…

I belong to an online¬†Cartoonist’s Forum that would be truly boring to anyone other than a cartoonist. There’s lots of big names mingled with lots of little names, but we all toil in the same field. I got the “Cartoon of the Week” from the Wisenheimers. I’m kinda proud of it. I won for last week’s d.a.t.e. cartoon:

This cartoon is ©2008 Record Searchlight. Used pending permission.

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One Comment on “Not to brag or anything, but…”

  1. Erin Says:

    Congratulations on the cartoonist honor! Well deserved.

    As for whether or not you’ve been cranky/irritable lately — I can say from experience it’s scads more fun to write about the annoying things in life than it is to write about sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. More fun for your readers, too.

    So keep up the good work. Eat plenty of fiber. Carry on.

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