News, Notes, Fibs, Innuendo and Ersatz Erratum

“It is in such small things, a potato, a butterfly or a Carney’s chili dog that a life is made.” – St. Philbert of the Fjords

“Relish what you have, the other condiments are extra,” – San Philberto de la Ford

Greetings Blogheads! It’s been awhile since we all cozied up around our monitors and mice and just had a little cyber-chat. You know, shoot the ol’ ether breeze. There’s lots of stuff going on in the world and we have a lot to catch up on. Let’s start with…


As many of you already know, Thom G made his exit from the Record Searchlight yesterday. Bound for the Dakotas, an outlaw journalist and his dogs forging a new world in the New World.

Thom is a world-class writer and is among a handful of folks who put pen to paper that can blow my socks off with a few choice written words. To say the R-S will miss one of the elite “Outdoors” writers in the country would be a misnomer. It’s the newspaper’s readers that will be deprived. The R-S will carry on.


Man, I just took a little peek at my notes, files and sketches and I’m freakin’ busy! I’ve got some gags to write and illustrations to render! Not to mention finishing the outline for “Frayed Knot.” I think this will end up a short e-story with illustrations. I’ll keep posting the nonsense for you guys as it trickles out.


I’ve been getting some weird calls at work. One guy wanted to kill me while another thought I had slandered myself with a cartoon. I took his advice, sued myself and lost. The law firm of Hoongadoonga, Hoongadoonga, Hoongadoonga & McCormick represented me against myself. They tell me if I had ponied up for the extra Hoongadoonga I might have won. That’s the story of my life…not enough Hoongadoongas to get the job done.

Check back later, folks. I’ll be here.

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3 Comments on “News, Notes, Fibs, Innuendo and Ersatz Erratum”

  1. Steve Brewer Says:

    You left out a Hoongadoonga! And he was the most important one!

  2. Tom Says:

    You used the phrase “blow my socks off”.Having heard this before a number of times I still wonder how this is accomplished.Just surmising it occured to me it would require extraodinarily strong stomach muscles.In order to suceed in “blowing your socks off” it would require an over developed abdominal,or is that abomnible I never could spell.set of muscles and the ability to focus the pressure toward an area that would cause the socks to be expelled toward the floor and with some force.Please enlighten.

  3. After exhaustive research into the question as to how one would “blow their socks off,” I have come to the conclusion that you are correct. One would need either super human powers or a mechanization that has yet to be developed to accomplish such a feet, er, I mean, feat.
    I should have used the phrase, “blow my hair dry,” but this would neccesitate acquiring more hair and I think mohair is too itchy.
    Thank you for calling attention to my trite usage of clich├ęs and overall weak blogging skills. Someday, Tom, you’ll have a blog and I’ll be able to razz you about your hoisery.

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