I Am The Doof…

Hey Blogbuddies, you might have noticed the new blog header…pretty spiffadelic, eh? My old buddy, DB, was visiting the Left Coast from his New Hampshire home and I dragged him to San Francisco to do the whole “Beat Pilgrimage thing.” You know, the house where “On The Road” was written, the apartment building where Ginsberg wrote “Howl,” The Beat Museum, Jack Kerouac alley, Vesuvio’s and of course, City Lights Books (all in North Beach). That’s where this photo was taken just a few short years ago. Standin’ where Ferlinghetti once stood…like a faux hipster touristo. Which I was, am. Still, it’s my favorite photo of me…that’s the only time I wore that hat…just had to play the tourist to the hilt. I’ll bet I was wearing plaid shorts, black socks and my beatnik sandals.

I think DB had more fun in Chinatown.

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2 Comments on “I Am The Doof…”

  1. czygyny Says:

    I still have that photo of you with hippy hair (yes, folks our follicly challenged Philbert once had hair growing-on his HEAD!) Maybe I can hold it for blackmail, but there are so many holes from using as a dartboard I doubt that the hole and scratch removal tool in PhotoPaint will fix it. Still, it is a hoot.
    So groovy.

  2. Gosh, it was even SHORT in that picture! You;ll have to send it along…I’ll post it.

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