Who Knew? More Factoids….

Apparently, certain toads are not the only psychotropic creatures in Mother Earth’s forest. There is the Midwestern Silver Weasel who also induces hallucinations. The only difference is you have to give him $5.00 and he gives you a little paper blotter. “Stay away from the brown weasel. Do not take the brown weasel….”

Obscure references to old hippie cultural touchstones rarely entertain today’s blog reader. Several published theories on the subject exist, but I have just proven it. “Back off, I’m a scientist.”

Small, local newspapers as well as large corporate conglomorates and the Chinese government all have either no, or severly impaired, senses of humor. Don’t ask me how I know this, I just do.

When I lived in Cucamonga, I liked going into a small market on Foothill Blvd. and purchasing breakfast cereal. I always said to the check-out person, “I get my Kix on Route 66.” They never laughed, not once.

Did anyone else save up their allowance and buy one of those tanks you saw advertised in the back of comic books? When you got it it was just a cardboard box with no top or bottom that you “rolled” across your lawn with? How about the X-Ray Spex? I never saw any girl’s underwear while wearing those specs. Either girls were hip to the guys wearing the glasses with the giant “flashing” eyes and kept their distance or the glasses were were just a rip-off. Boy, I wish I could start a business like that.

Oh well, time to go to work. Check back later, kids. Happy Friday 13th!!!

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2 Comments on “Who Knew? More Factoids….”

  1. Budd Hodges Says:

    Phil…So many factoids, too little time.

    That’s why I could never see girl’s underware with those glasses. Damn, I fell for the ad too. Have a good weekend Phil!

  2. Thank you Budd! Same to you!

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