Jeez, Can’t You Take A Joke?

On my day job I draw a weekly editorial cartoon. Usually on a local topic which means sometimes local folks are portrayed. Occasionally these subjects take issue with the cartoon. That’s OK. But, in my defense I want to point out that I studied art at the prestigious Back Of A Matchbook Art School, and as a graduate of BOAMAS (The Fighting Inkers) my rendering skills are somewhat limited. It’s common knowledge that newsprint adds 10 pounds to a subject (I add another 10 just for shits and giggles.) Don’t get all riled up, it’s bad for your digestion.

Another point… should you end up making a guest appearance in one of my cartoons it probably means you did something stupid. If not stupid, at least easily ridiculable. Here’s my process…

Monday: Arrive at work. Drink coffee. Ponder the upcoming week’s cartoon. Take a nap. Go to lunch. Drink more coffee and turn on computer. Check Email and fantasy baseball team. Make lineup corrections. Ponder some more. Take another nap. Go home.

Tuesday: See Monday’s schedule.

Wednesday: See Tuesday’s schedule.

Thursday: Replace afternoon nap with additional “deadline” pondering.

Friday: Check the web for interesting local story to make fun of. Drink coffee. Draw cartoon (making sure to color inside the lines) and go home.

Next Monday: Read hate mail.

That’s pretty much it. So, get all worked up if you want to, but I’m already thinking about next week’s ‘toon. Besides, I have to go pee…too much coffee.


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3 Comments on “Jeez, Can’t You Take A Joke?”

  1. ThomG Says:

    Can I be in a cartoon, just to piss off the editors and the chubby publisher?

  2. Budd Hodges Says:

    Phil…I love your cartoons and don’t get it when those who you’ve cartooned get their panties in a bunch. Hell…they should enjoy their 15 minutes of fame. I didn’t even know the name of the superintendent of Shasta High before now. Stuart something and the principal is whatever. But both made the national news on their little volcano blowup over a little jerk named Sherwood I believe. How soon we forget. He did what? Oh yeah, burned, superimposed, flag. What a finish to an otherwise dull year of high school journalism. Stay with the cafeteria menus and the next basketball game and don’t stir up the cheeses.

    Keep it straight and you’ll get continued funding. I love it when we’re told to confine our thoughts to ourselves and don’t stir anything up because it may offend someone.

    The big cheeses don’t like to be corrected.

    Now this is not my opinion. I heard it from a friend of the baby sitter who told my daughter who passed it to me. My reaction was, “Oh yeah, what , me worry?”

  3. Tom Says:

    Gee whizz! I would love to be ridiculed in one of your cartoons also. But alas as a non de script old gray haired white man with no claim to fame not even the fifteen minute variety I cast about looking for a real attention grabber. Maybe I could burn something .Like my absentee ballot as I stand naked under the American flag flying from the garage in my driveway. November first seems appropriate. I’ll alert channel 7. Please use my nom de plume for the cartoon and be cruel.

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