Hey, Baby, It’s Warm Outside…

Let me rephrase that Blogaroos, it’s freakin’ HOT out there. 9 a.m. and I opened the front door to stick my nose out and the blast singed my eyebrows and blistered my proboscis. Glad I had my robe on.

Redding, CA, where The Devil goes to get warm. Well, you get my drift… it’s hot today. I could’ve just said that, “it’s hot today”, but for some reason I had to prattle on and on about insignificant matters and eyebrows. It’s what I do, at least on this blog.

Actually I’m a pretty shy and quiet individual in most settings. Social gatherings will find me standing in a corner with a dumbass grin plastered on my face. I don’t know why I grin, I’m usually not particularly happy about being there. Feeble attempt to be sociable, I suppose. People sometimes come up and put money in my red plastic cup. That’s the primary reason I attend these functions in the first place, Daddy needs a new pair of shoes.

But, get me behind a keyboard in the relative quiet and anonymity of cyber-space and suddenly I’m George S. Kaufman (an erudite writer and humorist of the 20th Century for you reaaders under 90). What’s really weird about it is the less I have to say, the longer the post. Most ideas worth communicating can be done so in an efficient and terse manner, which should illustrate what category my ideas fall under. I’ll just go on and on about…nuthin’. Or maybe the weather. Say, did I tell you how hot it is today?

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