San Bernardino Trailer Sonata, in G#

(Note: I’ve been inspired by the amazing Thom G. Here’s a little “flash fiction” I thought I’d try… I’m no Thom, but this was fun to do.)



The metal trailer was adorned with blinking Christmas lights although it was 115 and the middle of July. It sat in a grove of crosshatched metal towers that supported the umbilical cord of electricity for L.A.


He had heard that living around power lines wasn’t good for you. Of course, he’d heard a lot of things and had gotten by just fine ignoring most of it… so far, anyway.


The trailer’s metal skin was so hot it seemed to be moving. The paint had blistered off years ago. He sat on the hot box’s wooden steps with the door open and fired another round at what he thought was a snake. He spent most of the day with the little .22 rifle across his lap, raising it now and again to take aim at what he guessed were snakes. He wasn’t sure if he’d ever hit any, he’d never ventured to look. But, he was damn sure there were no rattlers in his yard, so whatever he was doing was working all right.


“The proof is in the pudding,” he said out loud. The sound of his voice seemed to crackle, like static on a faraway radio station. Living under a canopy of hissing wire and metal might have it’s drawbacks after all.


He laughed to himself and fired another shot from his rifle, this time just for fun. There weren’t any snakes to be seen anywhere.

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5 Comments on “San Bernardino Trailer Sonata, in G#”

  1. ThomG Says:

    I likes it. I likes it a lot.

  2. ianbalentine Says:

    Moi aussi, mon frere. Tres Bon!

  3. Lou Says:

    Sounds like somebody has spent a little too much time in San Berdoo…

  4. Yeah, Lou, way too much time under the power lines. Thanks for noticing.

  5. ~ kjb Says:

    I live under the power lines now. Can you tell?

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