Froggy Went A-Bloggin’ — Uh huh (Olde Folk Tale or Lie?)

Once again, you’ve been misled by a headline. This entry has little or nothing to do with blogging frogs. I kinda wish it did, but it doesn’t. Sometimes I just find it easier to make up some nonsense for the title and go from there. I never said I was going to strain myself with this blog, a fact that should be obvious ny now.

Another cheap gimmick? Answering reader’s E-mails…

Dear Philbert,

Your blog, although rarely funny, was always at least mildly amusing. Lately you seem consumed with naughty headlines and suggestive produce. If this keeps up I may have to take my business elsewhere.


Cheated in Chernobyl

Dear Cheated,

I’ll happily refund your money if you can produce a receipt that proves you’ve read at least one blog entry in the past 30 days. The blog entry must also be returned in its original packaging. My vendor is based in Calcutta and these are his rules, not mine, sahib.

Dear Philbert,

Whatever happened to Yux Fritter and Scabby Crackers? They were two of my favorite cowpokers.

Russell The Rustler

Dear Rusty,

My wife hates Yux Fritter and makes that funny scrunched up nose face whenever she runs across a sketch of America’s Least Known Comic Strip Heroes. I told her some day her face would get stuck like that and she’d wish she had been nicer about Yux and Scabby. I expect to regain use of my left arm and both knees in about three weeks.

That’s all for now. Keep an eye on this space for future developments that may develop or are possibly developing.

Hugs & Fishes,

Your Humble ‘Toonist

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2 Comments on “Froggy Went A-Bloggin’ — Uh huh (Olde Folk Tale or Lie?)”

  1. Tom Shudders Says:

    Don’t you just hate it that the b and the n are so close together. My lightning fast index fingers often have trouble hitting the right key.

  2. Tom, you have a most kind and humorous way of calling be a numbskull, which is why I love you.Thank you for pointing out the typo. I’m leaving it in so folks can enjoy your comment.


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