Was Philbert Canned From The R-S?

Greetings Blogladytes!

Well, after some confusion and some basic misunderstandings I find myself a cartoonist on the street. Stories differ and abound, but it boils down to the simple fact that I will be plying my trade in the free marketplace without benefit of the company paycheck. Such is life.

I would like to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure to work with over the years, it’s been a gas. I also want the current staff, reporters, photographers, technicians and advertising people to know how greatly I admire their dedication and their professionalism. I wish nothing but the best for the newspaper, its employees and its readers.

I would like to personally thank Silas Lyons, Kelly Brewer, Greg Clark, Brad Garrison, and Scott Nystrom for their support and encouragement. A special thanks to Jim Dyar for allowing me to have my cartoons published in his arts and entertainment magazine. To Bill Dawson, Syndi McGuirk, Ian Balentine, Steve Lanning, Kimberly Patton, Gary Zuidema. Bob Clouse, Candace, Carol Brookshire, Ed Wilhelm, Wil Curtis, Bob Pixley and Sue Price and the advertising art department, thank you. I had hoped that the R-S would be the last job I would ever have, but things change and we all do what we can to keep up.

There is a fascinating endeavor taken on by Buddhist monks wherein they create a large, beautifully intricate mandala using colored sand. Once this gorgeous, painstakingly made work is complete they promptly take a broom and sweep it away forever. A reminder that all things are impermanent. Enjoy the moment.


Philbert of the Great Unwashed

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11 Comments on “Was Philbert Canned From The R-S?”

  1. Erin Says:

    Phil —

    My thoughts are with you — imagining a whole new and magnificent mandala for your future.

  2. Bruce Ross Says:

    Metaphor of the day, Phil. All the best back to you.

  3. Budd Hodges Says:

    Phil…I’ll be looking foward to seeing your contributions on Doni and Kelly’s ” Food for Thought” and here at Philbertosophy.

    This Searching Redlight rag just keeps getting worse and worser and the fish used to wrap it with and the bird gage bottems are ashamed too.

    Mr. Paul Bodemhamer and Harry Boswick would be ashamed at what a rook Silass has done to the Record with high school journalism and pages of rook photos and snake oil ads out sourced to Nigeria.

    I’ve always enjoyed your cartoons and look forward to seeing them here.

    Hell, I got fired or asked to resign so many times in radio in 30 some years that I can’t remember but I always found something better and was better for the experience.

    I always bounced back from the bottem to say, What? Me Worrry?

    Good luck to you good friend. You’re funny!

    Sincerely, Budd

  4. ThomG Says:


    (That’s Russian for Solidarity!)

  5. Dean Says:

    So, the other foot finally hits the fan. Congratulations on your new-found freedom, Phil. Don’t look back.

  6. Tom Shudders Says:

    I know you are not a vindictive person and your farewell was all class but I will dump the RS.You were the only straw left for me to grasp and to continue our subscription.The print media is in trouble and all that I enjoyed during my many attempts to tolerate the RS are now all gone.My subscriber history can be sumarized as “off again–on again–gone again–Finigen”and no I don’t know how Finigen spelled his name.You are truly a talented man and I will continue to enjoy your contributions where ever they are.

  7. Kelly Brewer Says:

    Welcome home, Phil.

  8. czygyny Says:

    So will we see each other rummaging through the same dumpster?

    Actually, doesn’t it seem to be a relief?

    Now you are on the other side, looking back, and it can be very enjoyable, indeed.

  9. Tripleshack Says:

    Sorry to read this; we always looked forward to your artwork in the paper.

    So why not think big? — how about sending stuff out to a big-city rag or two — we could see your work translated in the large — though I know print media is an endangered species.

    Heartening to see you pop up over at Doni’s place. Hang in there, and keep up the wicked visuals!

  10. Thanks everybody! The encouraging words and your kindness is greatly appreciated. I hope you’ll follow me over to FFT. I think its gonna be a good thing.

  11. larry Says:

    OMG & othr IM shrtcts 2 typng wht u fl.
    Seriously, it seems we just talked at Thom G.’s goodbye thingie. What happened?

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