The Bottom of the Petrie Dish

Well, Blogocile Buddies, here we are; Day 3 of the Great Experiment. So far, so good. None of the rats are dead, yet. I’ll take that as an encouraging sign. Things have been known to go all sideways without warning y’know. I have a sense of impending doom (or maybe it’s the beans). Can’t quite put my finger on it, but we’ll venture on nonetheless.



he seaweed wrapped around his ankle as he trudged from the skiff. Shore was a welcome sight. He’d been away a long time. He stopped, still knee-deep in the salty ebb and looked heavenward, trying to think. Just how long had it been since he stood on terra firma? Quite awhile, he answered himself. Quite a long while.


He headed for the tree line a hundred yards or so from the beach. He didn’t know what kind of trees they were, he’d never seen anything like them before. He found that astounding, as he had been quite a lot of places. Quite a lot of places, indeed. How can a man wander throughout the world and still be surprised? Surely, he had seen every kind of plant, tree and animal there was to see. But never ones like these.


Maybe there were still new wonders to discover after all. Or maybe he had just forgotten having seen trees like these. He pretended they were new. He pretended he was new. He built a lean-to at the edge of the fauna and slept. He was very tired. He had come a long way to be here, in this place, today.


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One Comment on “The Bottom of the Petrie Dish”

  1. Tom Shudders Says:

    Yes!Yes! I go there quite often.Everything seems the same but somehow different.I wonder how many of us have the capability of shifting into what I refer to as the parrallel universe.Will yourself ahead or back just a nano second and there you are.I’ve had people tell me I have a chemical imballance in my brain.But when I step on a distance shore or walk through a beautiful rain forest all my cares are gone.Vive le imballance.

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