OK, What’s The Deal?

Dear Blogladytes, What’s up with you? I’m taking flak from other Food For Thought, A News Café contributors because according to their stats (I guess someone keeps track of these things) NOT ONE SINGLE VISITOR CAME FROM USING THE PHILBERTOSOPHY LINK!!!

I know some of you frequent FFT. So, what am I, chopped liver? Am I last on your list of websites to visit? Are you so disheartened with the drivel you see here that you don’t want to see what damage I’ve manage to do to an otherwise fine website? Is your little clicker finger broken?

Look, we’ve known each other awhile now, we can be honest. What’s wrong with my blog? Why can’t you utilize the “With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas” links I’ve provided? Is it because you have a fear that someone will discover you’ve been here on Philbertosophy? That’s OK, I understand. But, you don’t know the kind of ridicule I’ve suffered because of YOUR laziness. It’s just not fair.

Do me a favor, just one of you, PLEASE click the FOOD FOR THOUGHT, A NEWS CAFE link. Puh-leeeze??? It’s a nice place to visit. You don’t have to read my contribution. Jim Dyar writes there. Go ahead, guide your little mouse over and…there…now, was that so difficult?

Yours Until The Big Yellow Orb Turns To Ash,


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3 Comments on “OK, What’s The Deal?”

  1. Budd Hodges Says:

    Phil…I still visit both and all and have moved as fast as my cheap old dialup here on fuckitall.com will move. I still get disconected and can’t download as fast but my Thomas Alva Edison machine just keeps chunking and creaking along.

    I enjoy all of your cartoons and columns. Keep on keeping on Philbert.

    Sincerely, Budd

  2. Tom Shudders Says:

    Okay I used the FFT link but the web site that came up was the same one I’ve accessed by going straight to Doni’s web site.Doggies but these new fangled machines are a complete mystery to me.

  3. Tom Shudders Says:

    There I did it again. You should get credit for two at least.

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