Campaign Materials! Bumper Stickers!

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One Comment on “Campaign Materials! Bumper Stickers!”

  1. Dear Mr. Smarty Pants,
    You know, I thought running against a cartoonist in an imaginary political campaign would be challenging…. I just didn’t know HOW challenging. Bumper stickers, t-shirts??? Did you have to show off your talents so soon in this campaign? I’m being crushed by your talent! How can I compete with this?

    There, have I schmoozed you enough to solicit your assistance? I might be ready for that United Ticket after all. I, uh, come crawling on my hands and knees…. Will you help me with my bumper stickers and t-shirts?!? Please? I’ll trade you for some Wainwright concert tickets in Chico? 😉

    P.S. I’d love to post your “Artist for Hire” on my various nefarious blogs… Alas, I would need your technical assistance in that department as well.

    Large Marge, Pesky Blogger at Large

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