Back in the Saddle (Again)

You Blogamaniacs probably didn’t even notice, but I’ve been in forced Internet exile the past few days. There were some technical glitches, but I’m up and running in a nice quiet corner of the house. So, your sabbatical from my ponderings, ruminations and pontifications is over. Let’s get back to bidness…

You know what I hate? Computers. I love them, but I hate them. Can anybody tell me why my external hard drive suddenly went from being Drive J: to K? All the files are intact, but the path is different so it played havoc with my links… until this morning. I fired ‘er up this Ante Meridian and all was well with the world. Sure, it was still the K: drive (J: is gone altogether) but that little factoid no longer confuses this blog, for example. Images linked from my hard drive are back where they were supposed to be. Well, they’re where WordPress can find them anyway. I don’t get it, but maybe I’m not supposed to. Maybe these things are only meant to be understood by God and Bill Gates (which is which, anyway? I’ve never seen them both in the same room together…have you?)

Say, can I be frank with you?  (No, but you can be Elizabeth) Have you noticed the deterioration of this blog over the past couple of weeks? Pretty much ever since I was given the ol’ heave-ho by a local media outlet that shall remain nameless? I mean, it sucks now. It used to be at least mildly amusing, but now…shit, if I didn’t have to write it I wouldn’t read it either.

Maybe I lost my muse. Did I leave it in the desk drawer at The Place That Shall Be Nameless? I left in quite a hurry. Escorted in quite a hurry, actually. Or was she a resident on my J: Drive and lost forever in the ether? Either way, it doesn’t bode well for you the reader.

Come back later…maybe it’ll get better. Until then, have a peek at a REAL website! Follow this link.

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One Comment on “Back in the Saddle (Again)”

  1. CIndy Tatum Says:

    You must have a helluva personal computer if you have drives all the way up to J!

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