My campaign as a write-in candidate for Redding City Council got a big boost when the following communique was received from NSP Hindquarters:

Local Natural Surrealists agree, aid the Imaginary Peoples Party!  You have my support.  Viva Redding!
George L. Tirebiter

For those of you who don’t know, George LeRoy Tirebiter is an esteemed and pressed American icon. He is the vice-presidential candidate on the Natural Surrealist Party ticket, headed by George Papoon.

The Papoon/Tirebiter campoon has run in every election since 1972. Their support for my candidacy ensures almost certain failure, but adds a legitimacy that was sorely lacking.

I am grateful for their support.

To learn more, visit The Firesign Theatre website. Browse other entries on this blog for Bergman and Proctor’s endorsement messages. Still waiting on word from The Other, Other Phil… Phil Austin, who must be weighing his options. We’ll circle the bandwagon to pick him up and drop him off later.

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  1. Oh I see, you’ve got good ‘ol George LeRoy Tirebiter (aka “Deep Pockets” LeRoy) on your side…. No wonder you can afford to sit around and design bumper stickers and t-shirts all day. You’ve got the backing of Deep Pockets LeRoy. How am I going to keep up??? This is no just no fair. Looks like I’m going to have to loan my campaign another 5 bucks!

  2. Doctor John Says:

    One onanism, one vote!

  3. Casey C. Taylor Says:

    Deer Phil,
    Good Gnus! Congratulations on the endorsement. It is with great pleasure that I announce I am resurrecting my Cocoon for Papoon: “Nairobi Night Gnus” here in Luling, Texas. We will pull for you as we pull for all candy-dates on the National Surrealistic Lights People Party political packhorse. As you may know our platform is solid, not a pallet as some would have you belive. Keep in touch, and Keep ’em flying!


  4. Phantastic News Philbert! I’ve known Tirebiter since his days of running unleashed around UCLA. Papoon met me back in ’72 at that out-of-this-world Martian Space Party.

    I say plant all the grass (roots) you can. And Not Insane!

  5. Steve Coghill Says:

    Howsoever, consternation turns to lucidation with this gnuz!

    Your obt. subt.

  6. Field Hippy Says:

    GLT has never steered me wrong before. Why should he start now? Vote for Philbert! He’s not nuts!

    Field Hippy

  7. Darlene Says:

    And another thig…We, (the ANP) would endorse Mr. Philbert, but we just don’t believe in his campain.

  8. Tom Shudders Says:

    Whoa!! That mans nuts!! Grab em!

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