New Campoon Website

Greetings Reddingers and IPP Members,

I just received an e-mail that IPP stalwart and local celebrity, Harry Ames, Jr., has taken it upon himself to maintain the official website for the campoon. I appreciate Mr. Ames’ volunteer spirit and happily turn over the day-to-day operation of the Hindquarters to him. I’m sure he’ll do a better job than I would have, I’m already getting drowsy and I just got here.

Here’s the LINK. Bookmark it! Subscribe to the feed!

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One Comment on “New Campoon Website”

  1. phil Austin Says:


    Ur cit;y is at the suthern limit of the phine state of Jefferson and so brings it into firmly ur twentyortwentyfirst century. Moodonna supports me, as do most vertebrates. The statehouse if filled with hey.

    It is with firm bludgeoning that I or me endorse ur feeble attempt to get elected in the phine city of Redling, where the mysterious bridge to the Other Side bridges ur Sacredmento ribber.

    I am not insane, at least not yet.

    and sign it ….

    George Papoon who is (not) INSANE

    (Do not be fooled. Phil Austin has little to do with this and DID NOT INVENT ME!)

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