Nat’l Surrealist Party presidential candidate sent the following message disguised as Phil Austin:


Ur city is at the suthern limit of the phine state of Jefferson and so brings it into firmly ur twentyortwentyfirst century. Moodonna supports me, as do most vertebrates. The statehouse if filled with hey.

It is with firm bludgeoning that I or me endorse ur feeble attempt to get elected in the phine city of Redling, where the mysterious bridge to the Other Side bridges ur Sacredmento ribber.

I am not insane, at least not yet.

and sign it ….

George Papoon who is (not) INSANE

(Do not be fooled. Phil Austin has little to do with this and DID NOT INVENT ME!)

We have now garnered the support of all 4 or 5 of the Crazee Guys, known collectively as the Firesign Theatre. We have also blackmailed an endorsement out of Bizarro cartoonist, Dan Piraro.

I put forth that no other candidate for The Big Comfy Chair can put together a list of endorsements more impressive than those who have come out of hiding to proclaim their approval of my imaginary candidacy. Papoon, Tirebiter, Rocky Rococo and the esteemed and depressed Mayor P’nisnose of Billville can’t all be wrong, can they? And, so what if they are…they’re still almost as funny as the comedy team of Bosetti & Jones and that should count for something. Even if the votes don’t.

Take that, Dickerson! Put that in your gun and shoot it, Murray! How’s that for contrary, Mary?

At least I’m NOT INSANE!

Onward to the Chambers, Brothers!

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