A New Blog A-Dawnin’ (My Reformered Philbertosophy)

OK, Blogville, judging by the numbers, you’ve read as much as you want to read about my write-in camapaign for Redding’s City Council. That’s fine, I don’t give a warm, swirling squeeze-off about whatever it is occupying your inconsequential little existance, either. So, let’s just move on with ourselves.

I should be able to devote more time to my “regular” blog now that Harry has so graciously taken on the task of maintaining the Philbert for Council website. Let him deal with all the whack-jobs and loons, he’s from Hollywood…he can deal. We here at Philbertosophy have our own french to fry.

I have a little sketchbook study to share:…

©2008 Phil Fountain, all rights reserved.

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2 Comments on “A New Blog A-Dawnin’ (My Reformered Philbertosophy)”

  1. Dr. Baum Says:

    So, were these drawn on the new Wacom, or with traditional pencil / pen / charcoal / crayon…?

  2. Tom Shudders Says:

    Whew you are back.I feared we had lost you to that new elitist blog.

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