Well, that was phun…

Now that yesterday’s tomorrow is today I can comment on the future past. It was nice milling through the crowd at Marketfest last night drumming up votes. I’m happy to say the IPP presence resulted in no arrests and nobody punched the candidate in his blinking nose despite several offers to do so. An unqualified success for the Unqualified Candidate!

By the way, did you guys get to see the beautiful new edition of Enjoy magazine? They did a very nice piece on Food for Thought: A News Café that I, for one, thought was very cool. It’s a terrific North State periodical, gorgeously laid out and printed (the first thing we graphics types notice) but aside from being easy to look at, it is chock full of VERY well-written and insightful articles.

They’re very sweet friends and neighbors producing a LOCAL periodical utilizing LOCAL writers, photographers and designers working on LOCAL topics, interests and concerns. Its a free glossy mag available all over town, check it out!

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3 Comments on “Well, that was phun…”

  1. Ronda Ball Says:

    Thanks Phil. It was nice to see you out and about last night. How did you get your boys to go? I tried to get Hayden to come to help me hand out magazines, but he wouldn’t have any part of it. Thanks for the nice write up about Enjoy. We (the Enjoy team) are all very proud of our community, the interesting and beautiful places that surround us, the wonderful people we’ve had the pleasure to write about and meet and of course, our magazine. It makes us especially proud that people notice. We’re also so fortunate (and incredibly grateful!) to have some top notch writers, photographers and designers putting Enjoy together every month. We also love Food For Thought! Have a great weekend!


  2. Mrs. Beans Says:

    It was the clown noses that enticed the boys to go. They whined, they moaned, they pretended to be asleep, but when they saw that shiny red nose, they were in the car!

    Thanks for the great article on Food for Thought in this edition of Enjoy. I love your magazine – it’s so a great, positive publication.

  3. kerri Says:

    Hooray for local journalism…and I second Ronda’s thanks for the kind words about Enjoy.

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