What’s Philbert Listening To? Besides the bees in his head…

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4 Comments on “What’s Philbert Listening To? Besides the bees in his head…”

  1. ThomG Says:

    Throw some punk into that lineup!

  2. Erin Says:

    So what does Philbert think of Emmylou’s latest offering?

  3. Honestly? I think it might be my favorite Emmylou album, ever. And, that’s saying something. Great song selections, some of her best originals and to top it off teaming with Kate & Anna McGarrigle (and Dolly) is just too much for this poor boy to handle.

    I have to tell you my Emmylou story. Many moons ago my wife and I both worked for record stores in SoCal (Licorice Pizza) and one of the perks was getting invites to some “industry parties” thrown by the labels. Usually for some half-ass group that comes in and does a meet and greet and leaves, never to be heard from again. Anyway, we ended up at a release party for somebody at Warner Bros. and who should stroll by to say hello? Yep, Emmylou herself. I started going all calf-eyes and my wife just laughed and said, “Why don’t you go say hi to her?” Well, I found something for her to sign, and walked up to her and said the predictable lame-ass “I’m a big fan” stuff and asked her to sign a “slick” (an LP cover used in displays)…she looked up at me with the sweetest smile and in that angelic drawl said, “Honey, I’ll sign that for you as soon as you get off my foot.”
    My wife roared, I slunk away red-faced but looked down at the slick she had signed, “Sweet Dreams, Emmylou Harris.”
    I’m sorry to say the slick vanished during the transition from Southern to Northern California, but my wife still likes to remind me of what a dork I was in the presence of Emmylou.

  4. erinfriedman Says:

    Very cool Emmylou story – if you’ve got to be a clod, you may as well be a clod in the presence of greatness.

    I have only listened to the new album twice – I like what I heard, but I need a few more listens to make a complete assesment. Thought the cover of Kern River was beautifully done.

    6 things….oy….

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