Harry’s REALLY pissed at the R-S!

I gotta share what’s goin’ on over at Harry Ames, Jr.’s blog! Who is this guy?!?

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5 Comments on “Harry’s REALLY pissed at the R-S!”

  1. Melvin Kurtzman Says:

    Wow, Harry’s pretty pissed! I wouldn’t mess with that guy. Do you remember the “Celebrity Boxing” match back in ’93 when Harry went head to head with Sarah Gilbert? He beat her to a bloody pulp in only 3 rounds! Thank god Danny Bonnaduci was around to pull him off her or he might’ve killed her!
    It doesn’t sound like his anger management classes have done much good.

    Watch out, R-S!

  2. Kalib Sumter Says:

    OK, so I don’t mean to sound like a skeptic. But this guy just seems like some angry idiot. (Like me) And if he’s a child star, why doesn’t he show up on IMDB? Seriously, look for him. He doesn’t exist. And if he does, he hasn’t worked in like 50 years. Literally.

  3. I’ve never actually met “Harry” but I do know that the TV show he claims to have been on, “Accidental Family” with Jerry Van Dyke, DID run back in 1967-68 for half a season.
    Anyway, all I know is he’s willing to work for free on my write-in campoon for city council (more on that later) and that’s OK with me. I don’t know if his claim against the newspaper has any validity, though. I’ll keep you posted.

  4. Steve Brewer Says:

    I’m just wild about Harry.

  5. the alcoholic ex-wife Says:

    Steve wrote
    >>I’m just wild about Harry<<

    Be careful, Steve. Harry’s one of those addictions that you’ll come to regret, like vodka gimlets, chilli cheese fries and “All My Children.” Trust me.

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