I Married A Radical

I get a lot of crackpots writing in to Philbertosophy, none pottier than my nearly beloved. She saw another McCain/Palin ad. She had seen quite a few and just simmered and muttered under her breath (like a lot of us) but this time Mac & Lucy Ricardo’s retarded cousin made her head explode. I’ll go get a mop, but you can read her rant…

That’s it.  I’ve had it.  I just finished watching one of those video-clips on the internet in which Mrs. Palin and her side-kick, Senator McCain, were asked to define domestic terrorism — in essence, what makes the Weathermen terrorist and abortion bombers heroes.  

After approximately five minutes, two subject changes, Senator McCain finally said, back-up the bus. Let me clarify my cohort’s statement.  Why?  Because although Sarah admitted that she does not support anyone who would harm another innocent American (what about my brother-in-law visiting from Chihuahua, is he fair game?), there is a difference between a domestic terrorist group such as the one Bill Ayers belonged to and those who perpetrate deadly crimes on abortion clinics (not exact words).   The difference lies in the fact the Weathermen were a terrorist group that planned to bring down America and attacked our Capitol in an attempt to destroy everything we stood for. 

Flashback…1968…Vietnam, Martin Luther King, Jr., Robert F. Kennedy – Nixon in the White House, Spiro Agnew at his side.  A bit of angst among the young?  Questioning why?  Why do people have to die for all the wrong reasons?  Why are there people that feel they can make the decision of who are to die to protect us from the evil that lurks outside of our borders? 

Don’t get me wrong, I fully believed in Dr. King’s vision of equality through peaceful means.  The agenda of the Weathermen was not acceptable then or now.  But to say that those who bomb abortion clinics, kill immigrants because they are, well not American, or murder gays because they threaten “family values,” are not domestic terrorists is just plain insane.  It’s not a question of semantics.  They plan these crimes.  They wrap themselves up in right and wrong, in God and His plan, and sputter out babble that makes sense to someone somewhere.  But not here, not now.  They kill out of hatred, because someone has a different belief or lifestyle, because someone dares to think that they have the right to be free to express a difference of opinion.

So what did Senator McCain say?  He said that he felt the need to clarify his partner’s comments, that anyone who kills or maims for any reason on our soil are criminals and should be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law.  Yes, good answer, good answer.  But what is truly troublesome is that the center of this interview was Mrs. Palin, not Johnny-boy.  The questions were directed at her, she had the bulk of the minutes to get to her point and never got there, unless the point was to turn the finger back on Obama and his association with William Ayers and his wife who was on the 10 Most Wanted List, then of course, she made her point loud and clear.

The kicker, “Governor, do you think of yourself as a feminist?”  Well, yes kind sir, I do.  Although I do not like to label myself, growing up in a family with a wide-variety of interests and very sports-minded and fit with lots of Wonder Bread in the cupboard to eat, I had the opportunity to do whatever the “boys” were allowed to do.    You know why, you silly little girl, because there were a lot of women who fought for that right.  Women who in 1919 were jailed and tortured just for the right to vote.  Mothers who had to withstand sexual harassment, at times even rape, in the workplace or face losing their jobs.  Young ladies who worked at tire factories and assembly plants during WWII while their boyfriends/ husbands fought oversees in order to keep the economy going.  Daughters who bled to death after illegal abortions that were shoddily performed because they did not have a choice.

As God (Allah, Buddah and Dylan) as my witness, I will not go back. We are a fortunate country rich with history and achievements.  There have been many battles fought and won, not against enemies but against ourselves.  Preserve our rights.  Vote.

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5 Comments on “I Married A Radical”

  1. Tom Shudders Says:

    Oh I see an equal opportunity twister of facts. I hope humor will return to this blog soon.

  2. Tom, I consider you a cyber-friend. We share a sick sense of humor and I have enjoyed your comments immensely. However, there are times when a person needs to take a stand for what they consider important. I am of the opinion that a continuation of flawed and failed policies and the defense of one of the most inept, mindlessly aggressive, vile and fact-twisting administrations in our history would lead to further erosion of our country’s strength, resources and spirit. To me, its important to speak out against what you see are obvious abuses, greed, torture and war-mongering. The Republican party, President Bush and John McCain proposed, campaigned for and implemented these policies right to our face. You can only slap an American so long.
    So, dear friend, I value your friendship and your contributions. I offer you the space in this comments section to raise your own points or to call me a silly nilly. But, if I have to believe John McCain and Sarah Palin are worthy of high office, and of my vote, then I’m afraid we part ways. I’ll stick with intelligence, compassion and an awareness of the world we live in. I will not be bullied by those who would support ANOTHER four years of the idiocy we’ve witnessed. The Bush presidency was and is a failure on every possible level. Time to cut-bait.
    I know my (or my wife’s) diatribes won’t change your mind. I can’t envision an argument that would sway me to vote for McCain/Palin. If this blog is any kind of amusing or provocotive its because of what I put into it…me. And me won’t flinch in the face of this NeoCon Beast again while it devours our youth, our resources and our people. Bush only got away with it because we let him.
    One more thing, I’m offended by the remark “I hope humor will return to this blog soon.” I don’t think it ever left.
    Anyway, Tom, I hope you’ll be patient and try not to get angry or disappointed by my opinions. If we were to be honest, we’d find we SHARE a great deal more than we disagree on. We’re both Americans, we both love our country and any bickering amongst us is left behind when we really need each other. We’ve seen proof of that.

  3. Tom Shudders Says:

    Yes Phil old buddy we disagree on many things but I have no anger toward you or those that think like you. I truly believe you are wrong and you ,I’m sure, are just as convinced that you are right. I chose the name Shudders because that is the way I view the future. As for the politics of today I see no hope that our politicians will work together for the good of our country. Our two presidential candidates speak of reaching across the aisle in a spirit of bypartisanship.Forgive my negativity but if either were to reach across the aisle they would withdraw a bloody stump. I for one will sit back and watch the fun.The words of Chief Joseph come to mind “From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever”.

  4. Budd Hodges Says:

    You’re right on Phil! A wasted vote for McCain/ding-bat Palin et/al is just plain and
    simple more of the same crap we’ve had to put up with for the past 8 years.

    It’s time for Americans to do the right thing by voting for Obama/Biden for change.

  5. Budd Hodges Says:

    And as General George A Custer said, “Lets win this war and get the hell out!”

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