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What can I say? I do it for love because I love to do it. For love. You know, doing it.

November 29, 2008
Philip Proctor and David Ossman

The Firesign Theatre as done for

I’ve been busy with work. Real work. Work that pays with actual coin of the realm. I’m a happy Crayolateer!

I’ve got the bread and butter “Creative Tech” gig for the Marketing wing of a local casino that’s proving to be a lot of fun while it pays the bills. I work there with some very creative and energetic people who keep the old Philbert’s juices flowing. The guava, mango, passion fruit punch is a real kick anyway. I’m doing graphic design on a scale far larger than I had ever envisioned. New technology, software and 21st Century graphics gizmos are keeping me afloat in the New Milleneum. Animated holygrams! What a blast! I’ll keep you abreast (sorry, still doing the turkey thang).

Then there’s my “dream job” with Food for Thought: A News Café where I get to cavort with my dear friends and neighbors and foist my peculiar brand of winsome word play and crudely rendered two-dimensional depictions of silly situations onto my community with relative impunity. Relative impunity is especially important during the holidays when impuned relatives arrive in abundance. Author’s Note: “A Bun Dance” is a popular hip-gyrating bit many of my relatives impune down at “Cheeky’s, Where The Meat Meets The Bun and Can’t Be Beat.” I eat there every Thursday. I recommend the rump roast… it must be jellied ’cause jam don’t shake like that. You can enjoy it Al Frescoe (if Al doesn’t mind) or you can have it in sandwich form…like a g-g-gyrating gyro…a real lap dance for the palate.

Also, it looks like a national parking magazine may be suckered into buying another round of cartoons for the next 10 issues. Hopefully, they’re not reading this and getting wise. The hardest part about getting “return business” is that clients almost invariably always sober up, thus making pawning off any additional “work” more difficult. I’m not counting on it, but this is in the works.

In addition to the above projects, I’ve been asked to spec up a couple of pieces for a new website that has a brilliant business model to provide art for publishers — and it looks like I’m among a handful of artists taking part. The nice thing is that we’re not competing against each other, we’re presenting as a group…work for all!

I’m also compiling some poems, various writings, scribblings and the like for a 100 page illustrated E-Book set for sale beginning in March. It will include the nearly serialized “comedic mystery” short-story, “Frayed Knot, The Hangman’s Tale” featuring the gang in foggy old England’s seaside village of Old Bristle as they deal with hangings, inebriated cyclists, golfers, constables, High Sheriffs, wankers, skankers and an odd noddy ‘n’ bangers here and there. The E-Book will arrive on your computer in PDF form for a mere $10.00 (includng postage and handling, of which there will be nil because it’s an “E-Book” you silly ninny) via PayPal.

If the E-book does well, look for the great “Lost Scripts of Yux Fritter, The Musical Cowpoker” to make their way to PDF. Recently discovered in a trash bin at Tantamount Pictures as they retro-fit to a claymation studio. I will be lovingly transcribing many of the great, old Yux Fritter Saturday Flickers to electronically emulsified LED monitors. Big hits like, “Yux Takes A Bath,” “The Golden Streams of Yuxas,” “Big Trouble At The Dishpan Ranch” and “Cacti & Tales, The Musical” will live once again in your fevered brain. You’re Welcome.

That ain’t all! Lest we forget that it’s just a couple of weeks until the 2nd Saturday Art Hop wherein Your Humble ‘Toonist will be showing his wares (and drawings) at the Enjoy Magazine offices on Park Marina Drive. I’ll be doing “Improv Cartooning” in exchange for donations of food and/or money for the Good News Rescue Mission who feed hundreds of folks a special dinner on Christmas Day (not to mention the other 364 days).

Now, with the paying gigs all set-up it means I get to do some fun stuff. I’ve been providing a semi-regular cartoon feature for “It’s Just This Little Chromium Switch Here,” which is rapidly becoming the one-stop receptacle for all things “Firesign Theatre.” Tom, the webmaster at Chromium Switch, has done a great job adding archives, data and scans on an almost daily basis. Major Firesign archivists like Fred Weibel, Elayne and The Guys themselves (especially helpful has been one Mr. Philip Proctor) have all ganged-up to make rare documents, photos, art and their own extensive notes available for Seekers and Surfers alike. I’m proud that Tom has chosen a portrait I did of TFT to use on his masthead. Of course, I’m thrilled to have Philbert’s Phavorite Phiresign Phunnies, in which Phamous Phiresign bits are played out in cartoon form, appear there for other Fireheads to (hopefully) enjoy.

So, on this Holiday weekend I would like to take a moment to sincerely thank Zee, Karen, Doni, Kelly, Bruce, Jim, Linda, Jim, Joe, Steve, Ronda, HawkMan Studios, Scott, Harry, Jinks, Tom and, of course, my wonderful family; Mrs. Beans, Andy & Diane, Zac, Hannah, Ezzie, Nick and Sam for making this a great year to be a Philbert.

Now, if only the Dodgers would re-sign Manny.

I Am The Door, Stop

November 27, 2008


The purported poetry, prose and insightful commentary of one Philberto D. Cartoonio, Esq. Plus drawings, cartoons and 2-dimensional renderings pandering to the Absurdist in all of us. Look for it, March, 2009. ferlinghetti2

I wonder if I should tell Ferlinghetti to get ready?

Socialism & Frozen Confections

November 23, 2008

maoI have a couple of NEW POSTS over on Food for Thought: A News Cafe. Go ahead, check it out.

Go on.

Click already…

Bad News for Good News (Rescue Mission), I’m Helping You

November 15, 2008



It’s official. Hawkman Studios, Food for Thought: A News Cafe and the good folks at Enjoy Magazine have teamed up to help brighten the holidays for those folks who find they could use a little warm, nourishing cheer.

As part of December’s 2nd Saturday Art Hop I’ll be churning out crude renderings in exchange for a $10 donation of food or money to the Good News Rescue Mission. I know, the drawings are only worth about 49 cents a pound, but, hey…it’s for charity.

The “reception/geek exhibit” will be held at the Enjoy Magazine offices on Park Marina. Check back here for more details. Hope to see you there!

Not Everybody Loves This Blog

November 13, 2008

friedassPersonally, I don’t see what’s so objectionable about this blog. I mean, if not being funny was a crime Gallagher would be a third-striker.

Possible Big Announcement Possibly Coming Soon, Maybe

November 10, 2008
Watch for news on a possible holiday season fundraiser!

Watch for news on a possible holiday season fundraiser!

New Bumpersticker!

November 10, 2008

Well, we tried. Don’t blame us if things get all…whacky. Order your bumpersticker from Cafe Press today! Any proceeds will go to the People of Progress and the Shasta Women’s Refuge.