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Do You Know The Way To Monterey? So Glad I Made It!

December 27, 2008



Friday, April 24, 2009 at the beautiful Golden State Theater, Monterey, California

Tonight, through the miracle of Internet shopping, the lovely Mrs. Beans and I scored our tickets for this rare live performance by the legendary comedy troupe the Library of Congress called “The Beatles of Comedy”. Yes, it’s a really, really early Chridtmas present and I’m so happy I think I’ve left a puddle.

There are plenty of great tickets to be had, get yours at the Firesign Theatre’s website. Hey, we’ll meet you in the lobby!

My Christmas Booty…er, Swag

December 27, 2008

Happy post-Christmas. You know, as a Buddhist, Christmas has to be my favorite holiday. I like stuff. I’m not “attached” to it, mind you, but I have fun with it. Here’s some of my favorite goodies from this year’s materialistic orgy…


A Bizarro Christmas

December 25, 2008

Regular readers of this blog know I’m a huge “Bizarro” fan. I think Dan Piraro is one of the most creative, witty and technically brilliant cartoonists currently working (or not working, for that matter). He comes up with more great gags in a week than I could ever hope to write in a year. Not many people realize that Dan is also a “fine” artist. His drawings and paintings are as wonderful as his cartoons.

Through the miracle of the Internet, I’ve been able to electronically stalk , harrass and harangue Mr. Piraro for the past several years. He’s always been gracious and generous with his insights, comments and critiques. His is an opinion I truly respect and he’s always one for an encouraging word and clever observation. He’s pretty good with the general smartass comment too.

So, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to find in the ol’ mailbox a little Christmas (a holiday Dan is no fan of) gift from the esteemed comic maestro hisself: a copy of his “Bizarro Buccaneers, Nuttin’  But Pirate Cartoons” personally inscribed and chock full off pirate gags! What a treat!

Here’s a scan…


How cool is that?

Anyway, I heartily reccommend a visit to Dan’s websitewhere you can find all sorts of Bizarro goodies. Take a minute and check out his blog… it’s not only funny, but you’ll find all kinds of info on compassionate veganism, politics and astute cultural observations. Be sure to tell him Philbert sent you!

A Christmas Card For You

December 11, 2008


Art Hop Heads, Unite! Shoes, Untie!

December 10, 2008

Not since Barnum first unveiled his geeks has there been a sideshow with quite the same oddball curiosity factor and heart-wrenching pathos as the one that will be on display at the Enjoy magazine offices this Saturday.

Witness for yourselves, ladies and germs, the world’s first and only gnomelike “improv cartoonist” ply his trade in exchange for your kind contribution to the Good News Rescue Mission.

Here’s how it works: you plunk down $10 worth of groceries or the monetary equivalent and I, your humble ‘toonist, will take your random suggestion and turn it into a stunningly hilarious black and white cartoon! OK, maybe not “stunningly hilarious,” but for sure they’ll be black and white. You get to keep the drawing (but not the donation) to utilize in any manner you see fit. Stuffing them back down the cartoonist’s pants will not get you a refund so you might as well leave me and my pants alone ( a prudent philosophy under any circumstances).

So, I hope you’ll stop by Enjoy magazine, 1905 Park Marina Drive between 6 pm and 9 pm this Saturday and watch the “flop sweat” form on my prominent, simian-like brow. Hey, that’s worth the price of admission right there.


An old gag from my cyber-notebook

December 6, 2008

Recently unearthed CorelDraw file.

Recently unearthed CorelDraw file.