Do You Know The Way To Monterey? So Glad I Made It!



Friday, April 24, 2009 at the beautiful Golden State Theater, Monterey, California

Tonight, through the miracle of Internet shopping, the lovely Mrs. Beans and I scored our tickets for this rare live performance by the legendary comedy troupe the Library of Congress called “The Beatles of Comedy”. Yes, it’s a really, really early Chridtmas present and I’m so happy I think I’ve left a puddle.

There are plenty of great tickets to be had, get yours at the Firesign Theatre’s website. Hey, we’ll meet you in the lobby!

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2 Comments on “Do You Know The Way To Monterey? So Glad I Made It!”

  1. erinfriedman Says:

    Ain’t this Internet thing just the greatest?? Of course, it won’t clean up your puddle, so you’d best tend to it before Mrs. Beans slips and falls and gives your ticket someone with more self-control.

    Merry, merry — enjoy.

  2. Larry Says:

    But Erin, on the Internet you can find fantastic deals on “Puddle-Litter.”

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