My Christmas Booty…er, Swag

Happy post-Christmas. You know, as a Buddhist, Christmas has to be my favorite holiday. I like stuff. I’m not “attached” to it, mind you, but I have fun with it. Here’s some of my favorite goodies from this year’s materialistic orgy…


Look! Actual authenticated dirt from Dodger Stadium! Hallowed ground! A holy relic from which to serve as the cornerstone of my home office’s decor! People will buy anything and put it on their wall… even dirt. I think Marcel Duchamp would be proud.


The photo is the new addition to the desk. Taken by the lovely Diane (Andy’s girlfriend) the photo’s subject are the five Fountain kids. From left; Andy, Zac, sweet little Hannah, Sam and Nick. Diane forced the brood to get dressed and appear all at the same time on the banks of the Sacramento River, where she took dozens of shots, this one being my favorite. Also in the picture is a small statue of “Mr Jinks” at his computer with the inscription; The buck doesn’t even slow down here. It was a thoughtful gift from Enjoy magazine’s own Ms. Ronda as a token of our Art Hop fundraiser together. You can also see the corner of “Bizarro Buccaneers” and both Toulouse LeDuck and Air Force Col.  Curtis LaDuck , The Mad Carpet Bomber of Duckburgh. The UCLA football helmet is a solemn reminder of the futility of life. The clock tells the time and the phone is always for Sam,. They’re pictured anyway.


All right, the PC was not a present but I’m showing the piece of HP crap because its responsible for how I spent my time on Jesus’s birthday. For about the 1000th time the past week, the sorry bucket of diodes crashed, necessitating yet ANOTHER day of cursing and non-productivity. I call it the “Wally Herger Congressional Series” desktop computer. I’m saving up my bottle caps and boxtops and getting myself a Mac (projected arrival, Summer 2009). Seriously, I am WAY behind on my “work” because of that thing…not to mention the WOW withdrawls.


Here’s a little momento of three hours of my life I’ll never get back. The frequently performed re-installation of Adobe’s CS3 graphic applications. Yes, part of my Christmas Day ritual consisted of reinstalling programs the System Recovry (F10 for those PC spuds with nothing better to do) dumped in order to reboot my OS (Bill Gates is Satan’s right hand, is he not?)

Anyway kids, it was a blessed holiday and we all had a great time. I only hope yours was as much fun.

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2 Comments on “My Christmas Booty…er, Swag”

  1. ianbalentine Says:

    Ahhh, bummer ’bout the computer, dude! I know how it feels. We had the motherboard replaced on our stinkin’ Gateway and had it back ONE FREAKIN’ day when this so-called “new” motherboard frazzled itself into oblivion.
    But at least we have our (relative) health and our families, eh?

  2. Da Babe Says:

    Poor Dodger fan!

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