Where Am Us, Anyway?

Just a little note to let you know “The Daily Sketch” and other musings have pretty much entirely moved to A News Café. The website is a joint venture between former Record Searchlight Editor, Kelly Brewer, columnist and beloved local personality, Doni Greenberg, musician and writer, Jim Dyar and novelist/columnist, Steve Brewer. Our sales team is headed by the lovely Linda Woodcook and all the behind-the-scenes magic is conjured by the lovely Bruce Greenberg and Jim Gore.

Though the site is a little Northern California-centric, I think everyone will find something worth reading. It’s where you’ll find my junk, anyway. I have a button/mug on the left sidebat…check it out!

I’ll still post some more personal stuff here, so maybe subscribe to the RSS feed to see when I’ve put something up. See you soon!

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One Comment on “Where Am Us, Anyway?”

  1. Larry Says:

    So is this one going to die out? Does this mean they (FFT:ANC) will have another opening for posting a local blogger?

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