Taking Cartoonists Seriously

I’ve had brushes with capital “J” Journalism, I worked at a newspaper for Christ’s sake. But, I wasn’t a “journalist.” I was never accepted into The Fraternity Of News Professionals. Mainly because I never sat through the requisite hours at some state university listening to old poofs with dribbles of dried semen on their chins prattle on about the importance of the properly placed semicolon in a functioning democracy. I sat in classrooms listening to old poofs with dribbles of dried semen on their chins prattle on about the The Golden Rectangle and why, without it, the Madonna of the Rocks would just be calendar art.

Well, today I’m in a bad mood and feeling very cynical. So, here’s what I have to say to the those old poofs who lie to our children at $800.00 a semester unit…

Shut the fuck up and go after the machinery you provide fodder for.  Start teaching students to be wrenches. Wrenches that can be thrown into the sparking mess of meshing propaganda gears. Teach them how to bring this idiotic American Idol episode gone beserk crashing to the ground. Sarah Palin should be selling feminine hygiene products during commercial breaks of “Lost” while the rest of us should be trying to rebuild a country trampled by years of rooting grub-eating pig-snouted, mongering Weasels with flag pins on their lapels and buck shot in even their friend’s asses. TEACH THEM THAT NO ONE, ESPECIALLY JOURNALISTS, SHOULD EVER CONCEAL THE TRUTH.


There. I feel a little better.

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One Comment on “Taking Cartoonists Seriously”

  1. Budd Hodges Says:

    Phibert…I know the fucking frustration ya feel. I had a professor, an old poof, in college who told his students of famous fuck ups of revered leaders like Gen. McArthur who moved all the patients out of a field Army hospital so he and the nurses could party.

    Dr. Charles was a crackup who told all the secrets and told of all the warts and pemples of world leaders who otherwise were thought of as American heros.

    None of them are clean and pure, even General George A. Custer and “Death Valley Days” announcer and former Governor Ronald Reagan fucked up the country and the old poofs should tell them the history.
    “…and that’s the way it is. This is Walter Cronkite,Good night.”

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