Dolores Lucero Writes One For Me…

She makes it so easy. This is for all my friends in and around the City of Shasta Lake…

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2 Comments on “Dolores Lucero Writes One For Me…”

  1. dlangshaw Says:

    Oh boy!..she has stirred a hornets nest accusing there be corruption starting with the city on up through the county and now she is being roasted. I am still trying to figure out who she represents other than herself.

    My favorite is the video clip of her turning over her list of gathered signatures in her attempt to stop the utility rate hikes in Shasta Lake City. A noble cause or a distraction I am not sure. What got my attention was the white and gold embellished wrap-around gangsta sunglasses she was wearing in a dimly lit room! LOL

  2. Budd Hodges Says:

    This woman is a nut case whose stuck on herself. What oh what did the fine people of this new city do to attract the likes of Dolores Lucero. Shes a twisted sister who nobody would want to know. Get the message Dolores…take a hike, we can do without you and your teaheads.

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