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General Hockingupp

July 15, 2008

Character study for “Frayed Knot: The Hangman’s Tale” — the General is a sinister type…did he do it?

FrayedKnot: The Hangman’s Tale (Chapter 3, first draft.)

May 21, 2008


“If nobody cares you’re dead, is it murder?”



Hortense grudgingly looked up from her stale glass of stout to see Jack Thrumble, the hangman, scrape the mud off his boots on the stoop of the pub. She noticed he made his way to the bar in a manner that seemed more businesslike than just a morning bloke looking for a liquid breakfast. Not businesslike the way the fancy duffers gathering for a morning libation before heading out to knock their dimpled little white balls around the adjacent St. Mildew’s Golf Course. God knows what deals that would make the devil blush these old coots cooked up between the fairway and the green. But he did seem to have business. Important business, no doubt.


Character Study For “Frayed Knot” – Old Bill

May 21, 2008

Frayed Not: The Hangman’s Tale, Chapter II (Revised)

May 12, 2008

These are just some of the outlines (roughs) for a book I’m actually working on…really. I am. Thoughts are always welcome.


“It’s not murder if I’m issued a warrant. It’s how things are done.”


It was easy to find Old Bristle’s High Sheriff at half-past 7 in the morning as long as you didn’t look for him at his home or office. So, Jack trudged his way toward The Vomiting Hound, Old Bristle’s public house that sat adjacent to venerable St. Mildew’s Golf Course. He was doing his best to hold back the disgust (and the jealousy) of having a hanging take place on his gallows without his participation. No matter how you look at it, the proper hanging of a man was not a task best left to amateurs. To do the job right, you needed a trained, licensed hangman.


Frayed Knot: The Hangman’s Tale I (first re-write)

April 18, 2008


“I am in the business of gravity. It is a very reliable business.”

He woke to the smell of damp straw, like a thousand times before. Swinging his feet to the coarse, wormwood floor, he paused. A rare moment of contemplation. If you make your living as the public executioner its probably best not to afford yourself too much time for contemplation. A wasted pursuit anyway, he thought. (more…)


April 12, 2008

I never thought about writing a mystery. In fact, as I grow older and dustier I’m finding there are many things that I thought were beyond my capabilities. I started to change my mind about what I could and couldn’t do when I turned 50 and I tied my own shoes for the first time. Yes, I’m a late bloomer.