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A Video on the (Late) Great Will Elder

May 19, 2008

More on The Mad Playboy of Art who passed away this week. Everyone from William Gaines to Jerry Garcia chiming in on this comic genius. Thanks to Tom Richmond’s fine “Mad Blog.”

Not Much Is Random Anymore (Except My Thoughts)

May 19, 2008

Everybody knows what everyone else knows and everything seems so profound / and we tell each other our stories over and over again / because we know our stories and we like our stories and we want to hear them every day / in a voice that’s other than ours but is ours just the same / and we want these stories to sound important and to carry a weight only the strongest words can bear so we recognize them and know that we are here / even though we all know the truth / I’ve told you the truth and you’ve told me the truth and all the while we’ve lied to each other / but the lies…they were so profound, weren’t they?



I wonder why the only poetry ever printed in a newspaper was “Krazy Kat.” People liked it, more than that, they loved it, but poetry was banned from the newspapers. Important people decided such things made their vision more difficult…it’s hard to read poetry and then slice a man’s throat for his geography.



For The Wind (A Tracing )


A grove of columns

A sprinkling of stones

The rest of the temple

Just a pantomime in the air


Still a place to burn an offering

You can mutter a prayer here

Light a candle with a yellow Bic

The same gods (or maybe new ones)

will smell your burning goat

Will hear your plaintive prayer

Will blow out your candle.


The wind is always leaving

But it’s always here

And your Bic is

No match.


Dig It, Daddy-O…

May 16, 2008

Photo for poetry book… I think it’s funny, but I think everything is funny. I’m gonna use it anyway. But, who is this guy?


Another Legend Passes, Goodbye Bill “Chicken Fat” Elder

May 16, 2008

Will Elder\'s GANEFS

This is so weird. Just yesterday Uncle E and I were talking about the pioneers of comic illustration and Unc loaned me a reprint of Mad #1 which I used to immediately scan the splash pages from the enclosed stories (see above.) It turns out that one of the masters we were praising was the brilliant Will Elder. Mr. Elder has inspired more comic artists than any man in history. Along with giants like Davis, Severin, Ingels, Kurtzman and Eisner he helped create the standard by which all future comic art would be judged.

As Uncle E and I were talking, Mr. Elder passed away at age 86.

My condolences to his family and legion of fans. R.I.P. Bill “Chicken Fat” Elder.

Please check this link, then contact your representatives

May 15, 2008

Politicians, Bless Them Each And Every One

May 14, 2008

The Evils Of H.R. 5889, The Orphan Works Act of 2008

April 26, 2008

I’d like to urge readers of this blog to take a minute and do a little research on a bill that is currently being re-introduced (in a new, mutant form) in Congress that will directly impact the ability of creative professionals, freelancers in particular, to be properly compensated for their work.

“The Orphan Works Act of 2008” (H.R. 5889) sounds innocent enough on the surface. It proposes that “orphaned” artwork, work where no copyright holder can be “reasonably located” would be free for use by anyone who wishes to utilize it in any commercial venture. What makes it tricky is the language. What constitutes a “reasonable search” for the work’s creator? Ouija board? Divining rod? Darts at a page from the phone book? It’s already tough for creative professionals to make a living freelancing, giving unscrupulous publishers (or anyone) a loophole to get around paying for artwork will just be another kick in the gut.

Believe it or not, even a small-time hack like myself has had work swiped and used for other’s commercial gain. In most cases, the legal recourse is costlier than any payment you may eventually wrangle, so people get away with it. Giving these creeps a legal excuse, “Gee, I TRIED to find the artist,” is a bad, bad idea.

The bill doesn’t have any impact on existing copyright laws. It just widens the scope of what can be considered “orphaned” artwork. There’s tons of art out there (thanks to the good ol’ internet) whose creators are either long gone or no longer hold rights to the work. Some of it falls into the “public domain” arena. But, more often than not, there’s an artist out there that is getting ripped-off.

So, I’m asking you good people to look into it for yourselves, and if you agree it looks like bad legislation, call or write your representatives. It’s the American Way.

Here’s a link that you might find interesting. Click on the red letters “Orphan Works Bill.” Thanks.

My Favorite Childhood Pet

April 23, 2008

I just hated mopping up the 3in1 oil puddles he left everywhere.

A Public Service Announcement

April 15, 2008

Greetings everyone. You are invited to join a (very) few Zensters for a day of meditation at the Blind Donkey Zendo in Anderson. The retreat is led by Zen priest, Lee Riggs, who received his training at the SFZC (among other places.) Email me or check out the Zendo’s link on the right for more info.

Saturday April 26
One-Day Meditation
8am to 5pm
30 minute meditation periods (zazen)
Followed by 15 minute walking meditation (kinhin)
Lunch at noon followed by a one hour break.
One hour mindful work period (soji)
5pm end of sitting, Tea.