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Art Hop Heads, Unite! Shoes, Untie!

December 10, 2008

Not since Barnum first unveiled his geeks has there been a sideshow with quite the same oddball curiosity factor and heart-wrenching pathos as the one that will be on display at the Enjoy magazine offices this Saturday.

Witness for yourselves, ladies and germs, the world’s first and only gnomelike “improv cartoonist” ply his trade in exchange for your kind contribution to the Good News Rescue Mission.

Here’s how it works: you plunk down $10 worth of groceries or the monetary equivalent and I, your humble ‘toonist, will take your random suggestion and turn it into a stunningly hilarious black and white cartoon! OK, maybe not “stunningly hilarious,” but for sure they’ll be black and white. You get to keep the drawing (but not the donation) to utilize in any manner you see fit. Stuffing them back down the cartoonist’s pants will not get you a refund so you might as well leave me and my pants alone ( a prudent philosophy under any circumstances).

So, I hope you’ll stop by Enjoy magazine, 1905 Park Marina Drive between 6 pm and 9 pm this Saturday and watch the “flop sweat” form on my prominent, simian-like brow. Hey, that’s worth the price of admission right there.